Alex stars at Mondello Park Historic Festival

The annual Mondello Park Historic Festival presented Alex Dunne with an exciting opportunity to broaden his experience, with a star performance behind the wheel of a historic Le Mans 24 hour class winning Sportscar. The teenager drove the 1986 Spice SE86, from the circuits’ Martin Birrane collection, which was raced to a class victory at the 1987 Le Mans 24 hours as well as seven World Sportscar Championship race wins in the same year.

Having only tasted the performance of the Group C2 car for the first time on the Friday before the event, Alex was trusted with the rare and valuable car for two demonstration runs, one on the Saturday of the event and one on Sunday. Despite having only previously driven much smaller, lighter and more modern single seater machinery, the Laois youngster put on a great show for the large crowd as he impressed behind the wheel of the unfamiliar racer.

Speaking following his Sunday run Alex said “What an opportunity that was. The car was completely different to anything I’ve driven before so I hope that I did it justice and that everyone enjoyed seeing it on track as much as I enjoyed driving it. I am so grateful to Mondello Park and the Birrane family for allowing me to experience this piece of motorsport history and for all of their other support during the year”.


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